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Obama admitted that he had been smoking marijuana in childhood, and said it is not more dangerous than drinking

At the beginning of 2014, US President Barack Obama in an interview with the New Yorker magazine, admitted that he had smoked marijuana in childhood, and said smoking marijuana is not more dangerous than drinking.

Obama said that marijuana is not very healthy, but not as some people insist that marijuana has a huge harm. "I used to smoke marijuana when I was a child," he said. "I think smoking marijuana is a bad habit, like smoking a cigarette ... ... but not more dangerous than drinking."

When asked about the harm of marijuana, Obama cautioned that it needs to be judged on the basis of its impact on the individual smoker. "I do not encourage smoking marijuana." he said. "I told my daughter that I thought it would be unwise to smoke marijuana.""It wastes our time and is not good for our body."

Obama said he would focus on legal reforms to ensure that few people would not be disproportionately punished for smoking marijuana. "Children from poor families are imprisoned for smoking marijuana, and the children of the wealthy are able to escape punishment." he said, "African-American children and Latino-American children are more born in poor families. They are more difficult to obtain resources and support to avoid excessive punishment. I should give them more help to rely on fair laws."

In 2013, the Obama administration announced the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington State and Colorado. Obama said it was important to amend the law, because it has not adapted to the situation today. That is because most people use marijuana illegally, but only a few are punished. In fact, the harm of marijuana is not higher than drinking. Instead, marijuana has its beneficial side. For example, marijuana can kill cancer cells and relieve symptoms of pain. But he warned that we need to be cautious about the legalization of cannabis.

Washington - allowed to sell marijuana, Seattle - marijuana business booming

Washington is the second state in the United States to be approved to sell marijuana to adults. In Seattle, the marijuana in the marijuana store was quickly sold out and had to be closed. Sellers are struggling to cope with a shortage situation.

The state of Washington was legalized in December 2012 by voting for cannabis sales, but marijuana production and sales were tightly controlled and heavily taxed. There are currently 25 wholesale stores in Washington state to obtain a permit.

The legal sale of cannabis in the states of Colorado and Washington has facilitated the legalization of growing marijuana and use of marijuana. In the United States, support for cannabis activities has become increasingly strong. One week, the estimated annual demand for marijuana in Colorado at around 130 tons. Cannabis City - Seattle's First Pot Shop, in three days, sold at least 4.5kg of marijuana. And there were several shortages of marijuana in this store. There is great concern that the shortage of cannabis will affect all retailers.

Some stores limitted the amount of marijuana purchased by customers to maintain sales. "Cannabis" manager told Reuters on Thursday, before the arrival of cannabis next week, the store does not have enough stock to ensure normal operation. In order to allow the store to go on, each customer can only buy 6 grams of marijuana, which is much lower than the statutory limit of 28 grams.

While state regulators are still reviewing more than 300 license applications, the development of cannabis in Washington remains slow, and marijuana growers can only grow limited amounts of marijuana.

The shortage of cannabis is only temporary. The main reason for the problem is because many retailers open to meet customers in the short term, while the demand for long suppressed was quickly released.

"In 2015, the supply of marijuana will be very good," the CEO of a marijuana producer said. Another local marijuana supplier said he was very keen to help these stores maintain their business, but he also needed more marijuana supplies. "We have heard that retailers are out of stock. Every day my voicemail box is full. The retailers repeated their calls over and over again, and they wanted us to give them a hand." A Twitter user urged a wholesale store to install a green spotlight on the window to remind consumers that they still have inventory.

This shows the hot scene of marijuana market.

The USA, the largest marijuana country

One morning in December 2012, a man smoked marijuana in the streets of Seattle, Washington.

Growing Medical Cannabis Indoors in a medical center in San Francisco.

In March 2013, Washington State police were stunned by an anonymous mobile video. In the video, a less than two-year-old baby is smoking marijuana. The baby's mother and other family members are laughing. As a result of the smoke from marijuana, the baby's body is not only to lean back, but also continue to cough. March 8, the United States, Washington State police arrested the baby's his 24-year-old mother, La Chelle Bratten and the father. In addition, the police also found 40 strains of marijuana in the home of Bratten.

In China, the last day of 2012, the Chinese Basketball Association issued a penalty notice on Marcus, a CBA US foreign aid, who smoked stimulants called marijuana, will being suspended for 6 months.

Two seemingly unrelated events presented us with a fact. In the United States, smoking marijuana is very common, and the marijuana is the most popular drug in the United States.

Highly profitable marijuana

The legal ban on growing marijuana in 1937 created a vast underground industry serving the users. Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market is a book written by Eric Schlosser and published in 2003, that reveals a set of amazing data: About 10 to 30 million people grow cannabis in the United States, of which about 100,000 to 200,000 are commercial growers. No one can accurately know the amount of cannabis produced in the United States.

Marijuana is a commodity crop that can generate huge profits. Dating back to the 1940s, the United States was the leading producer of marijuana. A professor specializing in the drug trade, said, "It's more profitable than corn and soybeans." A study conducted by the Congressional Research Service Center in 2012 estimated in United States, there was a more than $ 300 million in turnover in marijuana retail market.

As Washington and Colorado became states that legitimized marijuana, businessmen began to plan their marijuana plantations.

California is the first state in the United States to allow individuals to grow cannabis with a "medical cannabis" card. California passed Act No. 215 in 1996, that allows individuals who hold "medical cannabis" to grow a certain amount of marijuana at home. According to the law, growing marijuana indoors must be ensured for medical use, and there are quantitative restrictions, for example, each person can have up to a maximum of 8 ounces (about 226 grams) of dry marijuana, or a maximum of growing 6 strains of cannabis plants.

Some "medical marijuana" holders commissioned others to grow marijuana, and therefore "marijuana farm" come into being. Farmers gather the needs of marijuana and grow 600 strains of cannabis plants for 100 people. On these farms, the name of the commissioner is on the surface of each cannabis plant in response to a government inspection. But almost all farms privately plant more marijuana for sale.

It is only a pretense that the names of the commissioners are attached, and even medical marijuana certificates are forged. These farms privately sell marijuana because of the huge profits. A staff familiar with the marijuana farm said.

Florida is also an important marijuana production base. Local law enforcement officials said: "Hundreds of people are turning their houses into lucrative marijuana plantations." In 2012, law enforcement agencies in Florida found 818 marijuana plantations indoors. This is more than California. In 2011, the California police found 791 marijuana plantations at home. South Florida has been classified as a high-intensity drug trafficking zone by the US police.

The Washington state tourism industry also plans to engage in marijuana tourism, north from Vancouver, Canada, south to Oregon and California tourism, bus to Seattle to enjoy marijuana. According to estimates, the legalization of cannabis can bring an additional tax of over $ 1 billion over the next five years for Seattle.

The cannabis vending machine first appeared in Colorado. Half of the states consider marijuana legalization.

In 2014, after the legalization of marijuana, Colorado launched new initiatives to stimulate the marijuana market and facilitate customers to buy the marijuana. Vending machines that sell edible marijuana products are put on the streets and residents with medical marijuana cards can purchase them directly from the vending machine.

The high-tech marijuana vending machine was placed outside a pharmacy in Eagle County, Colorado, and was installed by American Green, a marijuana growing company. It is a fully automatic, age-proven, temperature-controlled marijuana vending machine. The company stressed that this vending machine will only be placed in the store, which has a legal license to sell marijuana, and will not be installed in any public places.

Local media reported, the marijuana vending machine, which sells edible marijuana products, is not as simple as buying a few snacks from a machine, and its customers are limited to medical marijuana users. If consumers want to buy marijuana, they must hold a valid medical marijuana card and identity card. And the marijuana vending machine will recognize the authenticity of identity and age. The camera on the machine will ensure that the purchaser and the certificate holder match.

"We are looking forward to using marijuana vending machine to reduce intermediate links. We do not need to hire employees. Consumers do not need to line up. We can easily track inventory." said some drugstore owners excitedly. The sales company said, "more marijuana vending machines will be installed in more places as soon as possible."

Colorado is one of the legalized states for cannabis in the United States and the first state to be legalized. In early January 2014, more than 30 marijuana stores, which were approved by the state of Colorado, started to sell marijuana legally. Also, the Government has awarded more than 300 new retail permits for cannabis to some of the reviewed pharmacies, cannabis cultivation bases, production facilities and cannabis testing agencies. In the first month, the Colorado government increased taxes by $ 3.5 million. The additional tax revenue from legalization of marijuana in 2014 was more than $ 40 million.

According to the Marijuana Policy Project, which supports the legalization of cannabis, at least 14 states considered the introduction of a new medical marijuana bill in 2014. There were at least 17 other states that had launched a proposal, or proposed to begin legalizing marijuana for use by adults following the legalization of alcohol. The District of Columbia and 12 other states took into account the Marijuana Criminalization Act, which reduces penalties for the use of cannabis.

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